Transformation in Finance is Hard but Possible

What is this article about?

Many people struggle with running a business that seems pretty hopeless or stagnant, at least. How do I improve my business? How do I expand it?

This article is for telling you that transforming your business is very hard indeed, but certainly not an impossible feat.

What is meant by transformation in this context?

We were waiting for that question.

In our context, transformation means a complete upheaval of your business. Most of the businesses run on debts and losses, but they are not what we are targeting here. We are targeting the business that has loss piling up with no breathing space; where the heads of the business are losing all hope; where the charts are depressing so much that they seem like they will never head back up.

Those businesses can change their fate if they play their cards right. Sometimes, it might mean selling some valuable assets, losing some clients, or even risking a new venture altogether. All these things are risky. But the only thing that can make the graphs flow up is most of the times a risky thing that people avoid.

Will I be able to transform my business?

Most certainly you will be. Transforming your business is very much possible and you should not lose hope. If it is possible, you should certainly eye a new beginning. But giving up on your existing business is not a good thing to do.

Be ready to take risks.

How do people transform their business?

Normal businesses will not want to lose clients or sell out a valuable asset. But when your business is depressing beyond any limit, then you are not having a normal business anymore. So, the rules and regulations about what is good and what is bad for the business change. You must take risks or keep dying out slowly until you meet your doom and have to close business with a pile of debts to take care of.

Now, coming back to the question: how do people transform their business? Well, most people do not. They keep struggling, trying to visualize a setting where everything will be fine once more.

However, some people do. And some people even transform their business when there is no apparent loss. Take Mr. Wolfgang Zulauf, for example. He is the CEO of SUISSE BANK PLC, a bank that specializes in trade financing. Wolfgang Zulauf has transformed his business by growing the bank manifold in a very short span of time.

How? He took risks and used his experience in the financial industry.

How hard is pulling out of depressing charts?

It is particularly hard. The financial industry is unforgiving. Then, the competition in your sector makes it worse. You lose market share, you lose clients, you lose your share value. Everything seems going downhill.

Pulling out, however, is surprisingly possible.

Because all is never lost. There is always a way out of the abyss. Now, what is that way is something you have to figure out by yourself. Each business is unique in its working and its nature. But no matter what kind of business you are running, just remember that every business can be transformed, just like how Wolfgang Zulauf and countless other entrepreneurs are currently transforming their own.


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