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Wolfgang Zulauf Takes SUISSE BANK GROUP to New Heights of Success

The SUISSE BANK GROUP has made a mark in the investment, financing and the banking sectors. The founder of the company is Wolfgang Zulauf. He is an astute businessman with many years of experience in the financial sector. The company has been established as reputed asset management and banking institution on an international level. By introducing the agents in the various countries such as Turkey and Indonesia, SUISSE BANK GROUP has expanded its network by providing the high-quality solutions and products for the clients.
His many years of experience in the banking sector have contributed to the roaring success of the SUISSE BANK GROUP Company. From Europe to the Middle East and Asia Wolfgang Zulauf has worked in all the countries. Before becoming the CEO and Chairman of the SUISSE BANK PLC, Wolfgang Zulauf has worked in many ‘financial institutions’ in the Middle East, Moscow, and London.  
Wolfgang Zulauf is the Chief Executive Officer of SUISSE BANK PLC, which is a part of the SUI…