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Transformation in Finance is Hard but Possible

What is this article about?

Many people struggle with running a business that seems pretty hopeless or stagnant, at least. How do I improve my business? How do I expand it?

This article is for telling you that transforming your business is very hard indeed, but certainly not an impossible feat.

What is meant by transformation in this context?

We were waiting for that question.

In our context, transformation means a complete upheaval of your business. Most of the businesses run on debts and losses, but they are not what we are targeting here. We are targeting the business that has loss piling up with no breathing space; where the heads of the business are losing all hope; where the charts are depressing so much that they seem like they will never head back up.

Those businesses can change their fate if they play their cards right. Sometimes, it might mean selling some valuable assets, losing some clients, or even risking a new venture altogether. All these things are risky. But the only …

Wolfgang Zulauf and His Story

Who is Wolfgang Zulauf? And why do you need to know about him? Well, those are a couple of many questions we will be answering in this article. Anyone interested in or a part of the financial industry can make good use of the information about Wolfgang Zulauf.

Who is Wolfgang Zulauf?

Mr. Wolfgang Zulauf has long-term experience in financial business, especially in the banking industry. He has worked in many countries in Europe over the Middle East to Asia. Using support of a strong team, Mr. Zulauf as Chief Executive Officer is head of SUISSE BANK PLC, a banking institution licensed in the Union of the Comoros with its office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, which offers to its shareholders products and services in the field of private and corporate banking as well as in the field of trade finance.
Mr. Zulauf has a lot of experience under his belt and his running of the SUISSE BANK PLC has been nothing short of spectacular. And that is what takes us to our next topic.

Why should…